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School Workforce Census


The School Workforce Census (SWF) is a legal requirement placed on all schools, academies and local authorities by the Department for Education (DFE) to supply data relating to staff employed within schools and will next be submitted on Thursday 5th November 2015.

The HR Shared Service will provide updates as required and confidential data will continue to be transferred between schools and LA using the USO-FX secure LGFL system.

A report on the analysis of data from November 2014 is now available from the DFE called Statistical First Release. It contains a detailed description of how the data is collected and emphasises the improvement in the quality of data over previous estimates and combinations of surveys.

2015-16 important dates

Key dates regarding the 2015-16 census are as follow:

  • Census day: 5 November 2015
  • Deadline for submitting your data to HR: 19 November 2015
  • Deadline for HR submitting data to DfE: 4 December 2015

Schools using the local authority Payroll service, iTrent, will receive specific guidance and support nearer the time via the dedicated web pages, reminders will also be e-mailed to school bursars.

All other local-authority-maintained schools will need to make adequate arrangements to ensure prompt and accurate submission of the required data to the local authority, in October (exact date to be confirmed).

As standard, the Shared Service, on behalf of the relevant local authority will undertake sample testing and a range of standard error checks to ensure accuracy.  Where the school misses deadlines, or when errors are identified, the Shared Service will support the school to make the necessary changes and corrections.

Costs for additional time are charged as part of the annual charges document and can be found on the Management and General Administration page.