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School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD)

The Government annually reviews and publishes school teacher’s terms and conditions.

Changes to terms and conditions have, in recent years, resulted in significant adjustments to a whole range of school processes (eg payscales, performance management & target setting and working time arrangements).

Some of these changes fall within the ‘Payroll SLA’ but often there are wider changes which involve additional advice and support.  This will be provided from the ‘HR Advice and Support’ SLA, along with any of the other SLAs as appropriate.

On the homepage the ‘Latest updates’ section will occasionally alert users to changes and implications regarding STPCD.  For more detailed information the following will apply:

  • More detailed advice will be provided on this extranet under the relevant SLA area, for subsribers on the related service.
  • Face to face briefing sessions on more complex issues will also be arranged as part of the SLA services, with chargeable places to opted out schools subject to availability.
  • Schools, if contemplating opting out to an alternative HR/Payroll provider, must ensure that processes are in place to review the latest terms and conditions document and comply with all changes in good time.