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Recruitment and Safeguarding statutory information



Schools purchasing the Shared Service’s Recruitment SLA will have access to a fully compliant process through which all permanent or fixed-term posts can be advertised.  This includes the cost of advertising on ETeach.  In addition schools subscribing to the Shared Service’s HR Advice and Support SLA receive comprehensive guidance on the full range of recruitment and safeguarding issues.

All other schools should have due regard to the government statutory guidance.  The introductory section of this site states:-

  • “This statutory guidance is for headteachers, local authorities and governing bodies.  It applies to all local-authority-maintained schools.
  • Statutory guidance sets out what schools and local authorities must do to comply with the law. You should follow the guidance unless you have a very good reason not to.
  • The supplementary advice outlines schools’ responsibilities to check staff’s capability, criminal records and prohibition orders”

If considering alternative external HR advice, the head and governing body, as part of the procurement process, must be fully satisfied that the School will continue to have all the necessary systems in place in order to maintain full-compliance.

This includes a fully compliant criminal record checking process.

The HR Shared Service will always support or provide advice to local-authority-maintained schools, or intervene if necessary, on non-standard questions or where problems arise.  In these circumstances the Shared Service will charge for work done at the standard rates.

The Shared Service, on behalf of the local authority will, from time to time, require access to information, records or up-to-dated procedures in order to ensure good practice is maintained.


Schools who purchase the Advice and Support SLA will receive comprehensive advice regarding safeguarding children, as it applies to employees and volunteers within the school.    Schools who opt out should have thorough and rigorous alternative arrangements in place.

See also Good practice government guidance and minimum standards.

The LADO (who works for AfC) is available for specific elements of advice and support in this area.  She can be contacted via email (at LADO@achievingforchildren.org.uk ) and by phone (on 020 8547 4609 or 07774 332 675).

Examples of where opted out schools should be particularly vigilant include:-

  • Policies for regular DBS re-checks for existing staff
  • Responses to the introduction of new or amended legislation (such as the   disqualification by association regulations)
  • Prompt and detailed responses to allegations and concerns where safeguarding of children is an element

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