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School Workforce Census 2018

20 Jun 2018

The Local Authority (LA) Maintained School Workforce Census returns will this year, 2018, be administered by a third-party provider Cygnet IT services CIC on behalf of Action>HR (HR Shared Services for Kingston and Sutton Councils) for maintained schools within the boroughs of Kingston upon Thames, London Borough of Richmond and London Borough of Sutton.

The School Workforce Census are a statutory requirement set by the Department for Education (DfE) and schools are required to collect, review and upload their workforce information to the DfE in line with the relevant deadlines.

The process:

Schools responsibilities:

  1.  Gather, review and upload their workforce information onto their designated Management Information System (MIS) which may be SIMS and/or Integris and/or other systems provider.
  2.  To contact their SIMS and/or Integris and/or other systems provider for any technical questions in relation to their systems as normal. (Action>HR does not have access to the systems and are unable to provide any technical advice).
  3.  To liaise with Cygnet IT Service for any questions in relation to non-technical areas of the return, error/query code assistance and/or school workforce census uploading support.

For those few schools who do not use a Management Information System (MIS) but use spreadsheets to return their data, will need to:

  1.  Email the DfE directly to obtain this years’ spreadsheet (as these changes year on year) from the Data Collection Helpdesk via the service request form. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/school-workforce-census
  2.  Email Action>HR to obtain the raw payroll /workforce data needed, with a minimum of two weeks prior to you need this information.
  3.  Upload the data set onto the spreadsheet provided by the DfE with correct coding.
  4.  Send the completed spreadsheet in an XML format to Cygnet IT Services who will upload this on Collect

Cygnet IT Services responsibilities:

  1.  Provide LA Maintained schools with the applicable School workforce census guidance notes and applicable dates for required uploads, together with details of upload procedures.
  2.  Will liaise with schools to obtain their data return and in line with relevant deadlines.
  3.  Notify schools of any errors and/or queries from Collect and request for a resubmission where required.
  4.  Answer any non-technical queries of the return and/or uploading and/or correct coding of information. (Please note where amendments are required within the schools MIS, the school will be referred to their applicable MIS support provider for assistance in making such changes).
  5. Ensure all census are authorized in Collect.