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Oak Processionary Moth

11 Jun 2018

This is an advisory message working in partnership with our colleagues in Kingston and Sutton’s Arboricultural Teams to make you aware of Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) in the Kingston, Richmond and Sutton areas.


OPM is an invasive species which has health implications to trees, humans and animals. The caterpillars have tiny hairs which can cause itchy skin, rashes, eye and throat irritation and occasionally breathing difficulties in both people and animals. These hairs collect in the nests and are so tiny they can be blown about by the wind. You must not attempt to handle the larvae caterpillars yourself, or disturb their nests.

Kingston and Richmond are both within designated ‘core zones’ which means oak tree owners (public and private) are responsible for OPM control in their trees.

Advanced Tree Services specialises in OPM nest removal and are the main contractor for the Forestry Commission for the control of Oak Processionary Moth.

Should you wish to use them, they can be contacted on  01483 210 066 or email info@atstrees.co.uk. They can offer advice as well as providing OPM control.

For any further information on OPM, please visit the following sites:
The Forestry Commision
NHS Choices

Please visit our ‘outside the classroom’ section of our site as we have uploaded an information sheet on Oak Processionary Moths.