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Asbestos in Ceramic Gauzes – CLEAPSS Guidance

26 Sep 2018

CLEAPSS has been working with the DfE and the HSE, concerning the supply of gauzes which contain asbestos.  The HSE released this press release about the issue.

The Dept. of Education have released a letter to Headteachers in schools and Principals in FE Colleges. CLEAPSS recommends sharing the appropriate letter with your HoD and Headteacher / Principal.

Customers of each company involved will receive communications from them regarding the issue. CLEAPSS are not in a position to name these

Please do NOT call CLEAPSS about this issue unless you have read the latest version of all three of the below documents. (GL286, Full HSE Press release and the HSE Guidance document).  If after reading all three of these documents, and you have discussed the issue with your HoD & Headteacher you still have questions, then of course feel free to call the CLEAPSS Helpline.

CLEAPSS have created a FAQs guide (GL286) to assist schools with this issue. This guide is designed to be read in conjunction with guidance from the HSE and the full HSE press release.   CLEAPSS have also produced a gauzes buying guide GL285.

If you are worried you don’t have any gauzes you can use, but want to do the classic ‘heating water’ practical with your Yr 7’s? Then use CLEAPSS’s new guide PP0055 heating water, which is completely gauze free!